Scheduling CamSpinner actions in iCal

It's possible to schedule CamSpinner actions with iCal by using the included AppleScripts in the folder:
/Applications/CamSpinner/Goodies/iCal Scheduling/

Check out the lessons and documentation below for more info:

Lesson in QuickTime format Lesson 1: How to create a CamSpinner calendar in iCal and how to add an event that starts a movie recording.

Lesson 2 in QuickTime format Lesson 2: How to duplicate events and how to change an event action to start the webcam.

Download PDF with information about iCal scheduling Download printable information on how to schedule CamSpinner in iCal in this PDF-file.

CamSpinner System Requirements:
• Mac OS X 10.4 or higher
• QuickTime 7 or higher
• Apple iSight camera or a QuickTime-compatible web cam
• Web cam publishing requires FTP access to a web server or Mac OS X Web sharing

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