Welcome to CamSpinner 2.0

The WebCam software for your Mac!

Get CamSpinner and:
Publish a web cam on the Internet
Grab still images
Record and save QuickTime and MPEG movies

CamSpinner is the perfect companion to your Mac with a built-in webcam. It also works with the standalone iSight webcam, plus USB and FireWire cams supported by QuickTime.

CamSpinner features:

• Built-in automatic FTP uploading of images
20 Presets for different cameras, video & audio formats and web servers
iPhone compatible display of web cam images in Safari on iPhone
• Support for Mac OS X web sharing
• Customizable WebCam page templates
• WebCam history
• Custom on-line/off-line messages
• Recording of movies in several formats
AppleScript support
• Includes scripts for scheduling web cam actions with iCal
OS X Keychain support

CamSpinner IconDownload CamSpinner for a free tryout.

CamSpinner 2.0 is a Universal Binary that runs on Intel-based and PowerPC-based Mac computers, and is compatible with Mac OS X 10.4 and 10.5.

CamSpinner News:
CamSpinner version 2.0
is released!

Version 2.0 adds iPhone compatible display of web cam images, 20 presets, enhanced AppleScript with iCal support, and more...

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iPhone compatible display in CamSpinner 2
CamSpinner display on iPhone

CamSpinner display on iPhone

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