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PageSpinner Features

PageSpinner comes with cool HTML editing options, is flexible, helpful and cares about the environment:

Cool editing options:

* Uses size, style  and colors to highlight the tag's contents

* Converts Mac Text to HTML

* Features a unique Tag clipboard that lets you cut and copy tags

* Customizable CSS, JavaScript and PHP syntax coloring

* Tag balancing

* Easy creation of tables

* Features Include files for quick updates of sections in a site

* Drag and drop text editing in multiple windows

* WorldScript-compliant, enables creation of pages in languages such as Japanese or Chinese

* Select text, background and link colors using a Web-safe Color Picker

* Supports the ISO 8859-1 character set, so you don't need to use ISO Latin-1 entities when typing characters with ASCII codes over 127

* Easy search and replace of text and tags

* Lockable, color-coded tags

* Quickly change the text size in the editor using zoom buttons

* Quick keyboard access to integrated 100-page Notebook

Long feature list!  Can be yours for only $30!

System Requirements

Version 5.2: Mac OS X 10.4 or later. The application is a Universal Binary and runs natively on both Intel and PowerPC based Macs.

Flexible and helpful:

* Customizable live previews of local pages when you edit the contents of an HTML page

* Extensive Help Book in the Help menu teaches you how to compose your own Web Pages

* Gives you help with creating several different types of pages from scratch

* Includes several examples on how to make different kinds of HTML pages

* Uses a flexible non modal HTML Assistant Window instead of modal dialogs

* Extensive Tool Tips for all options in HTML Assistant to help you learn and handle the more complicated tags and options

* Stationery aware

* Support for user-defined tags

* Can turn any menu into a floating menu palette

* User defined keyboard shortcuts to all items in a menu palette

* Built-in FTP support

Cares about the environment:

* Sends your page to one of 8 different Web browsers for a preview

* Quick access to links from your Explorer or Netscape bookmark file

* Web Tools menu that give quick access of Graphic- and Text-converters and other tools that helps you compose and maintain your HTML pages

* Easy launch of Safari, Netscape, Internet Explorer, iCab, Eudora, Mail, Search engines and other Internet applications

* Supports plug-in menu extensions to access other Web tools

* Support for saving to a FTP server using a scriptable file transfer application such as Fetch and other popular FTP transfer applications

* Integration with the OS X Apache Web server and Terminal application

* Scriptable with AppleScript

* The package includes the software products MailSpinner, TextSpinner, FAQ-Spinner plus a free Database Publishing Kit!


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