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Welcome to PageSpinner 4.6!


Live Preview

Support for Live Previews

* PageSpinner 4.6 supports live previews of local pages when you edit the contents of an HTML page

* When Live Preview is enabled you can directly view how the page will be displayed in a web browser

Live Previews are supported in Mac OS X 10.2 & 10.3 using the WebCore rendering engine or in a supported browser in OS X and Mac OS 9


New CSS support with CSS previews

Improved CSS support

* The new CSS support in PageSpinner's HTML Assistant lets you generate text style and box format CSS tags, class definitions and style attributes

* The HTML Assistant CSS topic also supports preview of a CSS sample page with the selected CSS rules in your browser


New in PageSpinner 4.6.3:

Added a contextual text edit menu in the editor window. Control-click, or right-click a two-button mouse, to access the menu.

Improved PHP syntax color coding with support for MySQL functions, file functions, PHP options, HTTP, FTP, mail and CURL functions.

Improved support for syntax color coding of CSS 2.1. HTML tag selectors in CSS contents are now also color coded.

It is now possible to Command-click the line number in the status bar to quickly select the next line in the editor. Command-Option-click the line number to select the previous line.

Added Captain FTP in the Internet Tools section in the Web Tools menu. Captain FTP is an FTP client that supports the External Editor Protocol to let you open files on an FTP/SFTP server and edit the files with PageSpinner.

Enables free registration of CamSpinner version 1.0 for registered users.

* Plus important bug fixes and other enhancements. View the complete Release Notes.


Also included: SpinPHP™, a tutorial with a collection of useful PHP examples that helps you to learn and master PHP with PageSpinner on your Mac. You will find the SpinPHP package inside the Goodies folder in the PageSpinner application folder.

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