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New in PageSpinner 5.2

PageSpinner 5.2 is a Universal Binary and runs natively on both Intel and PowerPC based Macs with Mac OS X 10.4 and higher.

By registering or upgrading to PageSpinner 5.2 you are also entitled to free registrations of:

  • MapSpinner - the HTML image map maker for Mac OS X
  • CamSpinner - the video and web cam utility for Mac OS X

Changes in version 5.2.1:

PageSpinner will now set itself as the creator of files saved in the application in 10.6 if this option is checked in the Default Filing options.

Added AppleScript support for documents with long filenames.

PageSpinner will no longer try to select contents between tags when pressing delete/backspace in CSS Mode.

The "Open file", "Select link" and "Select image" dialogs will now remember the last selected directories in each web site setting (OS X 10.4/10.5).

Updated the code for opening and saving files to use newer system calls.

Fixed an issue when uploading files with long URLs using Fetch 5.

Changes in version 5.2:

Added JavaScript syntax checking to the Check Page command.

Support for Include Scripts written in PHP, Python and AppleScript to create contents every time a page is saved to disk.

Support added for Fetch version 5 when uploading files with the Save to Server command.

Mac OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard compatibility fixes.

Added display of status messages in the status bar when using the Find and Replace commands.

Added options to create Include files and Include scripts in the File : New... dialog.

PageSpinner will now auto-suggest the filename extension based upon the current editor mode in the Save As... command.

Added the property case sensitive search in PageSpinner's AppleScript suite. Set this property to true to perform case sensitive searches with the script commands find next and replace all.

Added AppleScript Find & Replace in All Folders… that performs a case sensitive search, in the Goodies : PageSpinner Demo Scripts folder.

Added a link to open the external W3C CSS Validator when using the Check Page command with CSS pages.

Updated the PageSpinner FAQ.

Updated the Table examples section in HTML Examples.

Changes when the Editor Options property is set to "Tags Selectable": it is now possible to directly delete a selected line (that ends with a tag and a carriage return). PageSpinner will now beep when only a part of a tag is selected and the user tries to delete without pressing Command-Delete.

Updated the OS X Apache commands View Recent Log and Edit Configuration in Pico in the OS X Tools menu with support for the Apache 2 distribution included in OS 10.5 and 10.6.

Improved reliability of the Update Includes scripts in the Script menu.

An error message will be displayed if the Check Page command can't be performed.

Fixed a bug in the AppleScript command replace all that occurred when the replacement text originally was encoded in Unicode and contained more than 75 characters.

Fixed an issue with the built-in FTP upload support that might cause a crash when a server wasn't reachable.

Updated the toolbar appearance in Mac OS X 10.5 and 10.6.

The PageSpinner Backup helper application is now a Universal Binary, and do now support up to 9 temporary backups of a file. The PageSpinner backup commands are available in the File : Backup sub-menu.

Fixed an issue with the Backup commands in the Save pull-down menu in the toolbar.

Fixed an issue when Finder is selected to save to a local server folder in Preferences : Web Sites.

Added a section in the Documentation on how to make files to always open with PageSpinner in Finder (with a special note on 10.6 Snow Leopard).

If you experience problems launching PageSpinner after upgrading to a new system version/computer (and keeping the old PageSpinner User Data folder) it is possible to clear the Recent files list by pressing the Shift key when launching PageSpinner. More information about troubleshooting is available in the file "Troubleshooting.rtf" inside the Documentation folder.


Version 5.2 of PageSpinner is a free upgrade for users that have purchased a license for PageSpinner after November 20, 2006. New registration info for PageSpinner 5.2 have been sent via email to qualified users.

All users that have purchased a license before November 20, 2006 are qualified for a discounted upgrade. The upgrade will also include free registrations of MapSpinner and CamSpinner. Information about the upgrade is available at


Also included: SpinPHP™, a tutorial with a collection of useful PHP examples that helps you to learn and master PHP with PageSpinner on your Mac. You will find the SpinPHP package inside the Goodies folder in the PageSpinner application folder.

Changes in version 5.1:

  • Added option to auto-check HTML and PHP syntax every time a page is saved. Auto-checking can be enabled/disabled in the Check Page Options panel available in the Edit menu. (See the Documentation for more details.)
  • Added commands for viewing the local site folder and changing web site preferences in the application's Dock menu.
  • New toolbar appearance in 10.5 Leopard.
  • Increased page margins in printed pages.
  • Dropping a .m4v, .mp4, or .3gp movie file onto the PageSpinner icon in the Dock will now open the Embedded Object topic in HTML Assistant. Movie files with these extensions and appropriate encoding are supported by Safari on iPhone.
  • The PageViewer live preview window will now remember the last screen position and the size between sessions.
  • Added an option in Preferences : Default Filing Options to always open text files created by other applications (or in Windows) as ISO 8859-1 files.
  • Updated the Web Tools menu.
  • The folder last selected when picking a PageSpinner include file in the Paste Include dialog will now be remembered.
  • A warning will be displayed in the Paste Include dialog if the selected file doesn't have .incl as the file name extension.
  • Some minor appearance fixes for 10.5 Leopard.
  • A new empty HTML page will no longer be created if a page saved to disk is opened at startup.
  • The dialog asking if you want to view an external web site in the browser, e.g. when selecting menu items in the Help menu, will not be displayed if the Option key is pressed.
  • Added an option to select the User-Agent (web browser) information that is sent to the server when using HTTP file downloads in the Open Special : Download from Web command. Also fixed a bug in this command for Intel-based Macs running 10.5.
  • Command-clicking the window title bar will now move the window when in the background, and not display the file path as a pop-up menu.
  • Bug fix of the built-in FTP Save to server command for Intel-based Macs running 10.5. This might require that some existing paths to servers (that use redirect with symbolic links when logging in) may need to be changed in the Preferences : Web Site dialog.
  • Fixed a bug when using the ISO 8859-1 file format and the built-in SSI preview.
  • Bug fix of code generation in HTML Assistant's Frame topic.

Changes in version 5.0:

New Windows Preferences added:

  • Added option to customize size and placement of new and existing editor windows.
  • A document's window size and position can be remembered between sessions.
  • Four optional methods for hiding/fading HTML Assistant, HTML Examples and the Notebook.
  • Active helper windows (HTML Assistant, etc.) can be remembered between sessions.
  • Pressing the Option key when closing a window can now (optionally) close all windows or all editor windows.

PageSpinner screen shot

Updated interface of toolbars and status bars in the editor windows.

Added an option in the General Preferences to automatically open documents from last session at startup of the application.

PHP syntax checking when using the Check Page command for pages in PHP edit mode.

Added option to split paragraphs by pressing Command-Option-Return.

Added a Lookup at W3C command in the Find button pulldown menu in the toolbar. The command will look up the selected word at the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) web site that hosts the official specifications of HTML, XHTML and CSS markup.

Updated interface of the HTML Examples window.

PageViewer, the web page live preview helper, is now a Universal Binary.

The command line tool psedit for use in Mac OS X Terminal is is also a Universal Binary.

Improved reliability of the hot keys used in OS X for switching between PageSpinner and the main browser (Command-Ctrl-B and Command-Ctrl-Y). Enable/disable these in Preferences : General.

Fix of a bug when editing files on a server with some FTP clients supporting the External Editor Protocol (e.g. Cyberduck) and PageSpinner.

Added work around for a problem for users that have a @ character as part of the user name when using FTP. This character can now be entered as a * character in the Web Sites dialog. The * character will be converted into a @ character when connecting to a server.

Windows positioned on a second monitor during a previous session will now be placed on the main monitor if the second monitor isn't attached.

The application and the support files are now located in a folder named "PageSpinner 5". Place this folder in the Applications folder when installing.

The special template file (named default.html) that can be used to customize the contents of a new empty HTML/XHTML page should now be placed in the PageSpinner User Data folder.

The AppleScript file (named StartupScript.scpt or StartupScript) that can be used to perform actions on startup of the application should now be placed in the PageSpinner User Data folder. Select if you want to use a startup script in Preferences : General.

The Go to Line dialog is now displayed as a sheet.

After performing a Replace All or a character conversion command, the contents of the file will no longer become selected.

HTML Assistant will now recognize an editor window that is selected using Exposť when HTML Assistant is the active window.

Sample databases and scripts for PageSpinner's Database Publishing and FAQ-Spinner in the Goodies folder have been updated to work with FileMaker Pro 7 and higher.

Increased window width for displaying the results after using the Check Page command.

Fixed issues in the "HTML Assistant : Image" topic, including a warning for a missing Alt attribute.

Fixed bugs with XHTML tags generation in "HTML Assistant : JavaScript : Open New Window" topic and in the New Page Assistant.

Other enhancements and bug fixes.

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