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PageSpinner 4.6.3 Release Notes

New features and enhancements in PageSpinner 4.6.3:

Added a contextual text edit menu in the editor window. Control-click, or right-click a two-button mouse, to access the menu.

Improved PHP syntax color coding with support for MySQL functions (including the "Improved MySQL extension" and its object oriented style), file functions, PHP options, HTTP, FTP, mail and CURL functions.

Improved support for syntax color coding of CSS 2.1. HTML tag selectors in CSS contents are now also color coded.

It is now possible to Command-click the line number in the status bar to quickly select the next line in the editor. Command-Option-click the line number to select the previous line.

Added Captain FTP in the Internet Tools section in the Web Tools menu. Captain FTP is an FTP client that supports the External Editor Protocol to let you open files on an FTP/SFTP server and edit the files with PageSpinner.

Added an option in Preferences : Default Editor Options... to enable/disable the display of the current line number in the statusbar.

Fixed a problem with entering diacritical marks and using double-byte input in the editor.

Fixed a bug with previewing pages without valid HTML titles that could cause the PageViewer in OS X to quit.

Fixed a bug with editing files on a server with FTP clients supporting the External Editor Protocol and PageSpinner: when a user closes a window with changes that not have been saved, and confirms to save the changes in PageSpinner, the FTP client will now be notified to upload the file before closing it.

Enables free registration of CamSpinner version 1.0 for registered users (which was not working in version 4.6.2). CamSpinner has also been updated to fix the registration issue with PageSpinner 4.6.2.

PageSpinner 4.6.2 Release Notes

The current line number in the editor is now displayed in the status bar. It is possible to Option-click the line number to quickly go to another line.

Added commands to perform shell-based Ping, Traceroute and Whois domain name lookups in the OS X Tools menu.

Improved PageViewer: It is now possible to click links to browse linked pages and use image maps in the live preview window (OS X 10.3 and higher).

A shortcut to MapSpinner, Optima System's image map editor, has been added in the Graphic Tools section in the Web Tools menu and in the Tags : Image Map menu (in OS X).

Added Yummy FTP in the Internet Tools section in the Web Tools menu. Yummy FTP is an FTP client that supports the External Editor Protocol to let you open files on an FTP/SFTP server and edit the files with PageSpinner.

The PageSpinner Help has been updated with several new sections on how to work with PageSpinner.

Added option to control how double-clicking should select text in the editor. Check the box "Select paths by double-clicking" in Preferences : Default Editor Options... if you want to select an entire file path when double-clicking.

Text Size Zooming will now also work with documents opened in the Editor's Text mode.

The "Strong emphasis" and "Emphasis" tags will now use the Command+B and Command+I keyboard shortcuts if they are selected as the commands for the Bold and Italic toolbar buttons in the General Preferences.

Added a collection of page background images for HTML pages in the Goodies folder.

PageSpinner can now be launched from a disk formatted as "UFS" or "Mac OS Extended Case-sensitive" in Mac OS X.

Fixed an issue with generating XHTML-style tags in some of the HTML Assistant topics.

Fixed a problem with long image tags created in HTML Assistant's Image topic.

Fixed an issue with the generated box size code in HTML Assistant's CSS topic when "Same size for top/bottom and left/right" is selected.

Fixed a bug with the generated border-width code in HTML Assistant's CSS topic when "Different Sizes for all sides" is selected.

PageSpinner 4.6.1 Release Notes

Added support for the Firefox browser

Added Lookup in Dictionary and Lookup in Thesaurus commands in the Find button menu in the toolbar. The commands will look up the selected word at the online and web sites.

Added a Safari menu in the Web Tools menu that can enable Safari's Debug menu and set the size of Safari windows to fit standard screen sizes

Added user-selectable keyboard shortcut for toggling live previews on/off in Preferences : Live Preview

Added CSS Class fields in the Link, Image, Email, List, Table and Form Contents HTML Assistant topics

PageSpinner will now remember the last open Notebook page between sessions

Added Find button in the Notebook toolbar

Added CamSpinner and Transmit in the Internet Tools menu

The keyboard shortcut Command + > will now switch between the open windows in OS X

PageSpinner will now remember the selected document kind in the New Page Assistant : Other section between sessions

The insertion point in the editor will now be properly changed after automatic conversion of characters to ISO Latin-1 and Unicode entities during live previews and after saving files

Fixed a bug in the Anti-Spam Email Address command in the Edit : Text Tools menu that would cause the selected text to be converted into upper case in OS X 10.3

The Link to Style Sheet File command in the CSS menu will now create an XHTML-style tag in XHTML files

Fixed an AppleScript bug that caused the Save Selection As Include... script to insert some extra random characters at the end of the inserted text

PageSpinner 4.6 Release Notes

New features and enhancements in PageSpinner 4.6:

Live Previews

PageSpinner can now show live previews of HTML pages in both Mac OS X and Mac OS 9:

OS X and Mac OS 9 users can view changes directly in one of the supported browsers.

OS X users with Safari installed can view changes directly in the integrated PageViewer™ live preview window which uses the KHTML-based WebCore rendering engine.

PageSpinner's live previews can also be customized to suit your preferred working method and:

  • Automatically show a preview when you switch between HTML documents
  • Only show a preview when you have made changes in page
  • Automatically show previews for new HTML documents that haven't been saved to disk
  • Specify the time between updates of the preview

It is also possible to directly view changes in live PHP and CGI files on a server when the View On Server option is enabled in Mac OS X.

Improved CSS Support

The new CSS topic in HTML Assistant lets you generate text style and box format CSS tags, class definitions, CSS rules and style attributes.

HTML Assistant's CSS topic also supports preview of the selected CSS options in your browser.

New CSS documentation.

New mouse and keyboard shortcuts

Option-clicking the text info area in the statusbar at the bottom of the editor window will now show the Document Info window.

Command-Option-clicking the text info area in the statusbar will show the Web Site Preferences window

A Filing Options button is now available in the Document Info window to provide quicker access to a document’s filing settings

Added Command + , as a keyboard shortcut for opening the Preferences. The keyboard shortcut for Go to Line is changed to Command + Option + ,

Keyboard shortcut support for Cmd + Shift + Right/Left arrow key to extend the selection to the end/start of the current line.

Better mouse clicking selection: double-clicking inside an URL path will now select the entire URL.

Updated AppleScript Support

  • The document property of the application will now only return the editor documents
  • It is now possible find editor documents which have been saved to disk

The new AppleScript command Upload All Windows in the Script menu uses the improved scripting support. Press the Option-key when selecting the command from the script menu to view the AppleScript source.

Updated the Paste Links to Files and Make Photo Album scripts. Users of PageSpinner 4.5 which have the earlier versions of these scripts in the PageSpinner User Data : Scripts folder (inside the Documents folder) can copy the new versions from the Goodies : PageSpinner Demo Scripts folder.

OS X 10.3 Compatibility

Fixes of interface display issues in Mac OS X 10.3

Fixed a problem with setting AppleScript text properties which would cause some scripts to not work correctly in OS X 10.3

Other improvements

It is now possible to create empty CSS, JavaScript, PHP and text documents in the New Page Assistant.

A padlock is now displayed in the statusbar at the bottom of the editor window for locked files that are open in read-only mode.

Changed the default colors in the Text Colors menu.

It is now possible to preview unsaved pages.

The Check Spelling... command can now also be used to check the spelling of the current selection only (instead of the entire page)

Added the BASE element tag in HTML Assistant's Document Head topic.

Added Fugu in the Internet Tools section of the Web Tools menu.

Added two checkboxes, Lock editor files and Lock preview files, in the General Preferences. Disabling these options may help if you experience problems when saving files or previewing files located on a mounted server. See the PageSpinner FAQ for additional information.

PageSpinner will now by default store its PageSpinner User Data folder inside a user's "Application Support" folder instead of the user’s "Documents" folder.

If you already have an existing PageSpinner User Data folder in the "Documents" folder, PageSpinner 4.6 will continue to use that folder until you move the User Data folder into your "Home folder : Library : Application Support" folder in OS X or into the "System folder : Application Support" folder in Mac OS 9. You can choose the menu item Open Special : Show User Data Folder to open the User Data folder in Finder. Quit PageSpinner before moving the User Data folder.

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