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The PageSpinner's
AppleScript Support Page

Find out more about PageSpinner's AppleScript support,
links to AppleScript resources and scripting software on the Web
plus a collection of scripts you can download and use with PageSpinner and other Macintosh applications.

Let AppleScript to do the work!
The Script Collection
These scripts are free to use, unless otherwise stated.
Open the scripts with your favorite script editor before running to read any additional information.
Anti-spam Email Address

This is an updated version of the script used by PageSpinner's Anti-spam Email Address command in the Edit : Text Tools menu.

The old version of the script would change all selected text into upper case when running in OS X 10.3 due to a change in AppleScript. This version of the script fixes this problem. You only need this updated script if you are running Mac OS X 10.3 and using PageSpinner 4.6.0 and earlier

By Optima System Download Anti-spam Email Address v 1.1
Add Encoding Tag to Windows

W3C now requires a Meta tag with the encoding to be used in a page to validate the page as HTML 4.01. This AppleScript adds a Meta Encoding tag in all open windows that contains a </head> end tag. No meta tag will be inserted if the scripts detects the presence of an existing encoding tag.

By Optima System More info & download link
Find and Replace in Folders...

A recursive version of PageSpinner's Find and Replace in Folder script, that also will search and replace inside the sub-folders of the selected folder.

By Laine Lee Download Find and Replace in Folders...
Color Table Script 2
This is a modified version of the Color Table Script below, which adds error checking and dialogs to the script plus table formatting similar to PageSpinner's Table Assistant.
By Richard Binder, Northern Spy Software. Download Color Table Script 2
Color Table Script
This script takes a list of JavaScript color values and creates a table containing names and color samples. The technique employed in this script can be adapted to other types of tables that are based upon small lists of data values, containing up to a few hundred items.
By Optima System. Download Color Table Script
Project Assistant
An AppleScript solution to manage multiple projects, giving each project its own Preferences, NoteBook contents, Color menu, Web server path etc. Please read the documentation before using the Project Assistant.
Written by Martin Winkler. Download Project Assistant
Sascha's Blindtext
Inserts random text at the insertion point after asking how many words you want. This script can be useful if you have finished the page layout for e.g. a client, but don't have the actual text contents available. The random text to be inserted is kept inside a plain text file.
Written by Sascha Welter. Download Sascha's Blindtext
Selection Scriptify
A script that converts selected text into a JavaScript document.writeln(); command.
Written by Martin Winkler. Download Selection Scriptify
Soccer Results
A script useful for those who want to automate updates of soccer-results, or other results. The distribution contains both an English and a Swedish version of the script.
Written by Per Ljung. Download Soccer Results

Update Page Section Script
The script updates contents between pairs of comments, like
<!-- Sectionname --> ... CONTENTS... <!-- Sectionname -->

This method of updating sections of a page can be useful when the new contents is dynamically generated from another application via AppleScript.

Download Update Page Section
StartupScript Example
In PageSpinner 2.1 there is an option in the General Preferences dialog to run a compiled AppleScript at startup. This example script shows how to open several of PageSpinner's windows automatically at startup.
By Optima System. Download StartupScript Example
Contributions to the collection are welcome.
Email us if you have created or modified one of the included scripts and want to share it with fellow PageSpinners .
AppleScript Software and Additions

Scripting Additions (OSAX):

ScriptWeb maintains a list of Scripting Additions.

AppleScript Resources

The official AppleScript site at Apple

Extensive AppleScript Resource Site

Other cool stuff:Designing with Web Standards (3rd Edition)
DOM Scripting: Web Design with JavaScript and the Document Object Model
Learning Web Design: A Beginner's Guide to (X)HTML, StyleSheets, Graphics

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