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Re-selecting a browser when the preview command doesn't work

If a preview isn't displayed in your browser when you use PageSpinner's Preview command or click the Preview button in the toolbar in OS X, please perform the following steps:

  1. Launch the browser you want to use in Finder

  2. Launch or switch to PageSpinner

  3. Control-click the preview button in the toolbar to display the pulldown menu

  4. Choose the item Select Browsers... from the pulldown menu. This item is located at the bottom of the menu. The Select Helper dialog should now be displayed.

  5. Choose one of the items labeled Browser 1 to Browser 8 in the Helper Application Type: popup menu in the dialog

  6. Click the button Select Application...

  7. Locate the browser application on your disk (it is typically located inside the Applications folder)

  8. Click OK, and then click Done to close the Helper dialog

Perform the steps above to choose other browsers if they don't display a preview, and make sure that you launch the browser in Finder before choosing it in the Helper dialog.

You may select up to 8 browsers and can switch between these from the preview button pulldown menu.

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