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PageSpinner Support Page

Get information about fixes, tips, help, technical support and use the feedback forms for PageSpinner.

Some minor issues in OS X 10.7 and 10.8:
• If you get the message "Couldn't set PageSpinner as creator of the file" when saving a file or trying to preview a page, please do the following:
Uncheck the box "Set PageSpinner as Creator" in the menu PageSpinner :  Preferences : Default Filing Options...

• When you try to to run PageSpinner for the first time in OS X 10.8, you may need to control-click the application icon and select "Open" from the pop-up menu.

These issues will be fixed in a upcoming version of PageSpinner.

Problem with previewing files in OS X?
If a preview isn't displayed in your browser when you use PageSpinner's Preview command, please perform the steps described here.
The PageSpinner FAQ
Got a question? The answer may be found in the:
FAQ for PageSpinner 5
FAQ for PageSpinner 4

Problem viewing Help files in Firefox 3.6?
If help and example files isn't displayed in Firefox 3.6, you need to select Safari as "Browser 1" in Preferences : Helpers. You can then select Firefox as "Browser 2" and use it for standard previews. We are looking into this issue.
Report a a bug or problem with PageSpinner
You may report a a bug or problem with PageSpinner using the bug reporter form.
Scripting PageSpinner
The AppleScript Support Page contains information about PageSpinner's AppleScript support.
Request a PageSpinner Feature
Send a request for a PageSpinner feature with the feature request form.
Other support questions...
Send other questions, comments and suggestions via email to Optima System.
Latest developer builds
If you have found a problem with PageSpinner you can download and try the latest developer nightly build here: No developer build is currently available.
Please report any issues or fixes using the bug reporter form. Thank you for your feedback. is a resource center for PageSpinner users. The Web site provides information to page spinning users about PageSpinner and releated Web spinning software, resources and tips.

Still using the classic Mac OS 9?

See the special PageSpinner Support Page for Mac OS 9 for help with using PageSpinner 4.x in Mac OS 9.

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