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PageSpinner User Comments

Unsolicited comments from PageSpinner users:

I wish I would have found this earlier!
great product, easy to use
Great App, thanks
I have used PageSpinner for years, and love it
Great software
I'm new at web design and I love PageSpinner.
like a simple editor with preview- pagespinner is it
It was a great app and it remains a great app !
Love the product. Thanks a bunch. Mac's forever.
PageSpinner gets better and better. The live preview is tremendously useful!
I've been using the demo for about a week-that sold me!
Great program! I'm very happy with it, and I'm learning a lot just looking around it!.
Your Goodies have helped me better understand PHP, etc. than the books I've been reading. That was enought to convince me to buy PageSpinner.
You Rock!!!!
Great program - keep up the good work!
Thanks for a great educational tool!!!
Love the program!
A wonderful product - thank you!!!
I appreciate all the training materials.
The best HTML editor I've ever used!
Super! Super! Super! Great! Great! Great!
I am impressed and for a beginner the price is right.
Thank you for this great software!!!
I love your product, PageSpinner!
This is such a great application! It keeps getting better and better. Just when I'm thinking, hmmm, I wonder if I can do that in PageSpinner?, you come out with another version that does exactly what I need!! I teach HTML, design, project planning, usability, etc. and tell my students to that if they don't have a Mac, they should buy one, just so they can use PageSpinner. It would make my job easier as well, but that's another story.
It's Cool !!!
Wonderful software. Well thought out. Now that I use CSS and PageSpinner, Goodby GoLive.
After years of happy PageSpinner use, I've spent the last few days wrestling with BBEdit. While I'm certain it has its merits, I much prefer PageSpinner. I'm happy to upgrade to the latest version.
wonderful program, I am very new to web sites and this program is great
Great program!
I have found this program to be of enormous help, thanks.
PageSpinner is wonderful! I'm delighted to become a registered user!
PageSpinner - Making it so easy! :-)
I have used Page Spinner for more then four years now and have never found a better html editor.
Very impressive product for $30, and very easy to use. Thanks!
Great product! I'm *delighted* to ante up!
If it were not for PageSpinner I never would have learned to write HTML, and the simple fun and joy I have doing this is well worth many times the price of registration. It is an excellent product, and I look forward to seeing it grow and mature in the future.
PageSpinner is the BEST HTML editor I've ever used. Thanks for making a GREAT product.
Thank you. It's great !!!
Great program and with a lot of useful features.
I love PageSpinner!
Great software! I never thought I would get my page up and running so soon!
Congratulation for your great MacOSX version !!! :)
Great software, simple and efficient. Thanks for the OS X version.
PageSpinner is great ! Please; continue to develop it !
I have used Page Spinner for more then four years now and have never found a better html editor.
Thank You! PageSpinner is a great product and a real bargain.
Great work; keep it up!
I really enjoy PageSpinner. I tried frontPage and several other HTML editors. In my opinion ... they just don't compare .. PageSpinner is not only user friendly, but superior for my use. Keep up the great work and, again, thank you for an excellent product ... PageSpinner.
pagespinner rocks
I recommend this product often to clients; thanks.
Awesome bang for the buck I've ever seen!
Thanks for a very nice product at a great price.
I am a registered user of the previous versions of PageSpinner and consider it the best HTML editor available. I'm glad to see that you've continued to make these improvements to an already great piece of software.
Thanks for your continuing development of a great product!
I would just like to congradulate you on PageSpinner, which is IMHO the greatest text-based HTML creator in the world. I develop for a Cold Fusion server at work (WinNT), but I code it all on my Mac at home! Keep up the great work guys!
Great software
Thank you for creating PageSpinner - it is the single best Web development product I have in my bag of tricks.
Awsome Program!
great editor - I've used several!
Thank you for making such a WONDERFUL program!
I love this program!
My first shareware purchase... a nice piece of work!
PageSpinner's a terrific program - thanks!!
I love page spinner. Thanks for making such an easy to use product.

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