SoundSpinner MP3

      Get New Skins for your SoundSpinner MP3     


SoundSpinner MP3 supports display of Player Skins (player appearance) in the popular WinAmp format, so you have thousands of skins available to choose from in the Skin Archives on the Web!

Download Stuffit Expander 5.5 unless you already have done so.

Then perform the following steps to install new skins:

1. Download the WinAmp skin you like from one of the archives listed below.
2. Decompress the compressed zip-archive file with Stuffit Expander 5.1. A new folder will be created.
3. Drop the new folder that contains the skin into SoundSpinner's "Skins" folder.

The skin can now be selected in SoundSpinner's Select Skin... menu item in the File menu.

      Skin Archives:     

SoundSpinner MP3 supports display of skins in WinAmp format in its Player window. Playlist skins, Equalizer skins and sliders in the player window are not supported in the current version of SoundSpinner MP3.

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